JETporter Towbarless Tugs
JP30L - 30,000 lb Capacity

Like the JP30 the JP30L was designed to provide one of the most efficient and economical methods of moving aircraft. This towbarless tug was designed with a 3 foot extended deck to provide a longer reach for use on aircraft with setback nose gears, like the Dassault Falcon aircraft. The added length allows for a second set of batteries which makes the endurance of the JP30L a favorite among towbarless tug operators everywhere. The JP30L has a two year Tronair Platinum warranty.

The JP30L drive train uses a 6 hp continuous duty DC drive motor that is connected directly to the 2-speed transaxle minimizing the number of moving parts, which in turn reduces repair time and cost.
"I highly recommend JETporter. Overall maintenance, reliability, and ease of operation make these units cost effective. Tech support is fast and efficient."

- Jim Allen, Operations Supervisor (CLL), Texas A&M University Easterwood Airport
The internal gears operate in an oil bath to minimize friction and wear extending the transaxle’s life. The transaxle is connected to two solid rubber, 16 x 7.5, traction drive tires. The steering axle assembly rides on tapered roller bearings through two 4.00 x 8 industrial tires. The steering axle pivots in a 120° arc providing a very tight turning radius.

A digital logic controller is used to control the drive train. Utilizing the latest MOSFET technology, the controller handles the signal inputs from the control panel. This controller maintains the current limits, controlled acceleration and braking current and each unit is digitally programmed before it is shipped. An LED display on the console indicates hours of use, battery charge level as well as maintenance information.

The JP30L is three feet longer than the JP30.
The frame of the JP30L is 3 feet longer than that of the JP30. It is made of heavy gauge steel formed and welded into a structural unit and is powder coated the trademark Tronair Blue (custom colors are optional). The battery and storage compartments are covered with a lightweight aluminum diamond plate that is covered with a rubberized tough coat to minimize sun glare and provide a non-slip surface. A DC motor and hydraulic pump power the cradle lift cylinders. The cradle is designed to accommodate both dual and single nose wheels. The JP30L has two forward and two rear facing headlights and a strobe light for visibility. The amber strobe light is activated anytime the tug is powered up.

The JP30L incorporates a heavy-duty two-speed hand winch along with nylon winch, strut and safety straps so that aircraft will not be damaged or scratched.

The operator’s platform is designed to accommodate the operator and a passenger. The battery switch, emergency stop push button and start switch are located on the left side of the control panel. This LED display and directional joystick are located in the center of the control panel. The headlight toggle switches and cradle up/down control switch are located to the right of the control panel.

The emergency stop push button will immediately remove power from the unit. The directional joystick controls forward/reverse movement of the unit and is equipped with a horn switch. The cradle up/down control switch controls cradle movement.

Sixteen deep-cycle six-volt commercial batteries power the JP30L. Two banks of eight batteries are connected in parallel to provide 48-volts. The second bank of batteries gives the JP30L a longer run time between charges and more power.

These commercial batteries are easy to find in your local area. The onboard battery charger is automatic and operates on 115 VAC, 20 amps, 60 HZ. The charger can also be set up for 230 VAC Single Phase 50/60 HZ by changing easily accessible taps in the charger. Charging cycle takes approximately 8 hours to fully recharge the batteries.

The JP30L comes with a 12/24/28-30 VDC power assist GPU to aid in starting small aircraft engines. The 12 foot output cable combined with either the Cessna/AN or Piper style 2 foot adapter plug gives a total reach of 14 feet.

The JP30L has two independent braking systems. The primary method is dynamic braking which is an interregnal part of the solid-state controller. To engage the dynamic breaking system the operator simply reverses the direction of the joystick. The operator applies the amount of braking effort that is required.

The Emergency/Parking brake is an electrically released disk brake mounted on the drive motor. This brake is released when the start switch is on, power is present and the deadman switch is pressed.

The JP30 has two forward and two rear facing headlights and a strobe light. Toggle switches control the front and rear headlights.

Maintenance of the JETporter product line is minor. The basic maintenance includes charging the batteries as needed, keeping the battery fluid at the proper levels. Drive motor, digital speed control and transmission are minor and routine. Most bearings operate in an oil bath or are sealed requiring minimal maintenance.